Monika has been formalizing her art studies since 2000, pursuing her interests in both classical drawing and painting, mixed media, printmaking and photography.


Her travels abroad, in particular to Europe, inspire her. After each trip, she is left with a sense of wonder and awe, and a deeper appreciation of the ‘old world’ against the backdrop of the ‘new’. She sees endless connections and interplay between the two worlds and seeks to share her deep appreciation through visual mediums.

As a self-taught, intuitive photographer she enjoys the process of capturing compositions and a sense of the mystique. The ‘old’ gives us a sense of comfort and knowing , while the ‘new’ challenges and pushes us forward, sometimes willingly, sometimes reluctantly. Often, her work is photo-based and makes appearances in her mixed media and in her printmaking pieces, as well as in large and smaller photo images.

Always curious and always the lifelong learner, she enjoys the journey of creating and sharing her art with others.